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  • One-on-one and small-group coaching and education
  • Building on your "signature strengths"
  • Facilitating a wholistic and comprehensive strategic life plan
  • Incorporating key findings of positive psychology, perennial spiritual wisdom, and moral/spiritual/ethical practice


  • If you are feeling ready to move forward in your life with greater clarity, strategic focus, and intentionality, consider In Gear: Positive Life Coaching for Men.

  • Contact Daniel Murphy (information below).


About Daniel

  With 30+ years in human services and growth work and two graduate degrees, Daniel Murphy promotes integrative human flourishing---body, mind, and spirit. For Daniel's resume, click HERE.


Daniel lives and works in Ashland, Oregon. For a no-cost consultation about engaging in In Gear: Positive Life Coaching for Men, in person or via phone or Skype, contact Daniel Murphy (information below).

Contact Info

To take a 'flourish' quiz, go to: www.integrityoflife.com

  • 541-613-0654
  • daniel@integrityoflife.com